CF Wealth Rebranding

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With the COVID-19 pandemic and economic and social disruption sweeping the globe, 2020 needs to be a pivotal year for transformational change.

And the greatest threat to our planet is believing that someone else will save it.

For me, it’s been a realisation that these issues can’t be fixed without action from us all. In how we live our lives to how we do business and we all need to decide what kind of world we want to live in, what kind of world we want for our children and we need to believe that by acting and acting now we can make a difference.

The very root of the problem is, more often than not, human beings. As the primary cause of the deterioration of our planet, every individual needs to become aware of the consequences of their actions, which also means that previous practices need to change.

As investors, we need to understand how we invest shapes outcomes in the real world, whether we want it to or not, and how as an investor we are contributing to the issues that are playing out in the world.

Hashtags, as important as they are to raising awareness, without action won’t change the world.

We can’t hashtag about climate change or plastics in our oceans and then invest our money and hope to extract profits from the very companies that are contributing to these issues and are not addressing the need to change.

We can’t hashtag about social, racial and gender inequality and then invest our money in companies that aren’t helping to tackle these issues.

We need to decide if we want to be part of the problem, either knowingly or unknowingly, or do we want to be part of the solution and have a positive impact.

As small business owners, we also need to be mindful of the type of business we want to have and that businesses connect industries and communities. They are closer to the “ground” and, often reflecting the values of their communities while generating both revenue and opportunities that can be used for good.

At CF Wealth we’ve been thinking about what role we want to play, how do we want to make a difference and how can we do more to help tackle the issues that are playing out all around us. The issues that we believe are equally important to our clients.

We had to decide, did we simply want to provide client-focused ethical advice or did we want to have a bigger purpose?

We wanted to create a business where wealth, our business, and sustainability, our purpose, came together. A business for good with a belief that we can change and we can have an impact. Wealth management with purpose, to create a better world where both people and the planet can prosper.

Create a business that is good for you, good for our business, and good for the planet.

In order to achieve that we had to change, we had to create a brand that clearly told our clients who we are and what we stand for. A rebrand that wasn’t about appealing to a particular demographic but rather about doing what is right. To try and change the conversation to what really matters, what it’s really all about.

Replacing cynicism with optimism and positivity.

Replacing words like integrity and ethical with words like giving, impact, and purpose.

To not only raise awareness of the importance of Responsible and Sustainable investing but also change our approach to how we think about business in order to make life-changing impacts and embed giving in to what we do on a daily basis. To create a business with purpose that positively contributes to making the world a better place.

At the heart of this are the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Because Sustainability is not just about climate change and looking after our planet, it’s also about people and understanding that everything is connected and if the world is to achieve these Goals by 2030, we need to build momentum now — and leave no one behind.

The world has been turned upside down. Yet people are joining in solidarity to reimagine and create a better future. One that is more equal, active on climate change, one that protects our health and the planet – the sustainable development goals are our plan for a just and sustainable recovery. Get informed, take action, and demand more. This is a turning point for people and the planet. Let’s turn it in the right direction, and recover better together! #turnitaround

How will you take action?

Our Planet, our gift, our responsibility.

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